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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blurred Eyes

dedicated to n.a.m.

What did you do last night, darling?
Stared at the blurred windows, with blurred eyes,

untouched coffee told me about mourning
you couldn’t hide from the stars.

As you whispered softly, they whispered back.
Sang a lullaby, blew away those traumatic wreck.

Still you fell asleep to dream of storm and snow,
it was solitary dawn, covered by the darkest sorrow.

There’s an old tale about young lady sat alone,

lived by the peaceful castle, far from coppice or thorn,
her face shows the brightest sunrise,
but try to look close, she actually cries.

Dear n.a.m.,
Perhaps I didn't show it but trust me, I understand. That's why I never ask you directly about what you feel or how would you passed those difficult moment, simply because I had had same experience, too... You are stronger than you think. So would you please believe in one of Tere Liye's quote: Waktu akan berbaik hati mengobati kesedihan.

Pardon me for messed up grammar or what, still continuing to improve my english!

WHO would be ready anyway?

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